When should I arrive at Air Park ?

Arrive at Air Park just 20 minutes before you want to be at your terminal.  Our on demand shuttles run continuously 24/7 365 days a year.
Shuttles leave for the airport terminals every few minutes.

How do I check in?

When you pull into the Air Park facility a valet will greet you and process a parking ticket for you. You will be asked for your name, reservation number, return date/time and your airline. The Air Park associate will provide you with a claim ticket and toll free number to call upon your return. *Please call the location only after retrieving your luggage.

How do I get from the parking location to the airport?

After you have been checked in by our greeter, you will be taken to your terminal by one of our Air Park shuttles. The trip usually takes about 5 minutes. Please be sure to inform the shuttle driver which terminal and airline that you are traveling on so they can plan the fastest route. Shuttles leave for the airport terminals every few minutes. All shuttles deliver you right to the departures level of your departing airline.

How do I reclaim my car?

To reclaim your car just call and request a pick up. Please confirm the terminal number when disembarking your plane. The toll-free numbers are located on your Air Park parking ticket you were given at check in. Be sure to call Air Park only AFTER retrieving your luggage. The Air Park cashier will also ask for your ticket number so your car will be pulled into our Ready Zone. When you call the number, we will confirm where you will be picked up.

How can I find the parking location?

Detailed directions are available on the Air Park website at we are a registered business on almost all internet search engine map sites. For example Air Park parking is a registered business on Google maps.(just enter Air Park Parking into the address field, Google will do the rest)

How do I pay for my parking?

Payment is made when you return to the lot to pick up your vehicle. We accept cash, travelers’ checks, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover.

How do I reserve a parking space at Air Park JFK?

Save money and time with free reservations! You can make a free reservation at Our website has a safe and secure front page reservation tool. Please feel free to utilize the other local links for additional travel information such as local weather and traffic.

How do I make changes to my reservations?

You can change, find, print or cancel your reservations by entering
your email address on our reservation maintenance page. We will find
your reservation in our system and then you can make the changes yourself.